Clyde Weaver 17
"Clyde Weaver" (Kicker720) is currently serving as a Vault 51 Militant and Enclave Major. While having served with many soldiers in the enclave two of the only people who he trusts his life with is an old war buddy Johann Lanius (Col) and Elisa Thompson (MSgt).

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Age: 29

Occupation: Enclave Major

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Gender: Male

Family: Father (Dead), Mother (Dead).

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Orange/Green

Height: 5'9"

Birth Date: August 29, 2248

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Clyde Weaver

First Lieutenant Clyde Weaver.

Clyde was born in Vault 51 in 2248 nearly two centuries after the Great War had destroyed most of humanity and left the Earth covered in wastelands. His father was an outstanding Vault guard who believed in always doing what is right; His mother worked as a Vault engineer who kept the tank for the mirelurks safe for research. His father was killed by a tunnel rat gang member during a security breach in the Vault 51 reactor room when he was 9 years old. On his tenth birthday he received a Pip-Boy2000 from his mother and the Overseer, three short days after his tenth birthday his mother could not bear with her husband no longer being with her and she committed suicide. When he turned 16 he saw a Enclave Recruitment poster on the bulletin board in the cafeteria which inspired him to sign up two years later. After basic he was assigned to hold out the capital wasteland with a few other battalions and keep it safe for the Enclave to return their once glorious government back to power. Being pushed back by invading supermutants 1st Lt Weaver (ATT) was pulled away from the fight and to serve on the Poseidon Energy Oil Rig. Soon after being stationed he was promoted to Captain. A year went by before the station was destroyed by a pissed off vault dweller from the Mojave. Having to swim back to shore in Mirelurk infested waters and getting acute radiation poisoning he was able to save President Eden and a few other soldiers that were assigned to his platoon. Being awarded the Medal of Honor and a Promotion to Major he retired out and decided to go back to his home of vault 51 where he now resides as a Vault Militant and direct advisor of (censored information) to the Overseer.