Dr. Lloyd J. Harris (Evan50505) is a member of the medical division of Vault 51. He resides in the residential district of the vault and works daily at the doctor's office. He was born and raised in the vault and remains a loyal asset to the vault's functionality.


Full Name: Lloyd James Harris

Age: 37

Occupation: Doctor

Nationality: Caucasian, American

Ethnicity: Prussian

Gender: Male

Family: Father (Chester) & Mother (Dorothy) still alive

Hair Colour: Dark Brown

Eye Colour: Grey

Height: 5'11"

Birth Date: September 23, 2240

Early LifeEdit

Lloyd J. Harris was born on September 23rd, 2240 to Chester & Dorothy Harris in Vault 51. His family had found refuge in Vault 51 three generations back when William & Rose Harris booked a spot before the atomic war of 2077. Lloyd grew up playing with friends and played on the vault baseball team for four years. He attended an average education in the vault elementary schooling program. At age 10 he received a typical Pip-Boy 3000A model which he enjoyed listening to music out of. By the time Lloyd had joined the senior schooling program, he has grown an interest in the medical sciences and hoped to achieve a career with that in mind. When the Generalized Occupational Aptitude Test came at age 16, Lloyd was able to secure his dreams as a doctor and worked immediately as an assistant for senior vault medical personnel.

Recent LifeEdit

Eventually, Lloyd was given access to his own medical equipment and became a full-fledged doctor. Since then, he has grown a kind and respectful reputation among the Vault 51 community and had purposefully remained single to focus on his studies.