Vault Life Edit

I'm a Vault Teacher for Vault 51 which is in control by the Enclave, we live in a prosperous and well maintained Vault, the best Vault there is! After I was born in the Vault it was my life long dream to become a teacher to shape up the new generation of people. I've met a lot of great people in this Vault, all of which have become my friends and have helped me through many trivialities in this life.

My Experiences Edit

Vault 51 was built 5 miles from Vault 101 so the Vault was in close proximity to Enclave lands, people have tried to break into the Vault and have failed countless times. Who could they be? Bandits? Merchants? Brotherhood of Steel? All I know is i'm safe in here, safe with my friends and my students. My Father taught me things about being a teacher, he was a good man but I had heard he was killed, I wasn't told how but I presume he was beaten to death by security in the Red Sector, my Mother went missing 2 days after he was presumed dead, I searched all over the Vault but I couldn't find her, I had no clue where she could be, I kept searching for weeks and weeks and weeks when I finally said to myself "It's time to give up, you've searched everywhere." Thank god for my students, they're always there to support me, they'll never let me down.

I had gotten word from one of my acquaintances in Vault 101 that someone had escaped the Vault, I wasn't told his name but he said his son went after him and people out in the Capital Wasteland now call him the "Vault Dweller" or something like that. Anyway, I hope no-body tries to do that here it's too perfect for that to happen. If it did it would destroy the Vault community.

Terminal Information Edit

Welcome to your Terminal Sir Robert, Please enter your password

Password : ********

-Logging In-

Name: Robert D. Burdenheim

Birth Date : 25th March 2241

Age : 36

Ethnicity : British

Gender : Male

Nationality : Caucasian/Hispanic

Height : 6"1

Eye Colour : Green

Hair Colour : Brown

Occupation : Vault Teacher

Born in : Vault 51

Wife : No

Father : John Burdenheim [Presumed Dead]

Mother : Lisa Burdenheim [Presumed Missing]

Children : None

-Logging Out-

Goodbye Sir Robert! Have a nice day.