A photo of Wade Rollins.

"Wade Rollins" (Coolmako12) is one of the Security Guards in Vault 51. His family has been living in America as early as 1608 abd is of German Heritage. It is believed that his family came from Munich or Berlin, Germany. He is a kind hearted gentleman, but that doesn't mean he has never knocked someone in the jaw for setting him off in the wrong direction.

Age: 21

Nationality: Caucasian, American

Ethnicity: German

Gender: Male

Family: Mother is dead, Father is M.I.A.

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Green

Height: 6'1"

Birth Date: March 16, 2256

Early LifeEdit


Wade Rollins

Wade was bron in Vault 51 in 2256. His mother was killed by gang members in Vault 51 when he was only 9 and his father went missing in action 2 months later. He was then adopted by Miss Elisa Thompson and was cared for her and took him in as if he was one of her children. Despite her never being married or having kids of her own, he recognized her as the mother he no longer had. He later became one of the Security Guards in Vault 51 at the age of 18 and was partnered up with Officer Harold Robertson who was one of the most experienced guards within the vault.